Rugged (4x4 Kit)

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The new rugged outdoor kit is a necessity for any outdoor enthusiast.
Its the compact, multi-purpose, interchangeable tooling system designed for the 21st century.


Rugged is one of the most novel tool kits yet invented with a unique range of interchangeable tools designed to cater for your many outdoor needs. Included in each Rugged toolkit is the following:

  • A washable nylon carry bag
  • A stainless steel axe with a pick
  • A spade to dig any holes or trenches
  • A bubble-loc handle and extension handle
  • A saw that cuts in both directions
  • A polyurethane mallet

The Rugged outdoor toolkit is packed in an attractive, superbly designed nylon bag. The bag is washable and comes with extra pockets for additional tools.

These corrosion resistant aluminum handles come with stainless steel inserts that allow for the creation of tools of various lengths.

The Rugged axe/pick is manufactured from high quality stainless steel.

The Rugged saw, with teeth that have been designed to cut in both directions, simplifies as well as expedites any of your sawing needs.

The rugged spade is ideal for digging a trench or hole. It is also handy to remove loose sand from undermeath your vehicle.

The rugged mallet is manufactured from polyurethane, ideal for absorbing shock.

Used to lock and unlock handles, these pins are and absolute necessity when working with the axe.